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Those mark'd [thus +] are in the Supplement.


Almond Posset to make
  ——Cakes, do.
  ——Cheese Cakes do.
+ ——do another Way
  ——Puffs do.
  ——Butter do.
+ ——do. another Way
  ——Flummery do
+ ——Biskets
Amblet of Cockles, do.
Apple Dumplins, do.
  ——to stew
  ——another Way
Artichoke Bottoms to fry
  ——to fricassy
+ ——to Dry
Apricock Pudding to make
+ ——Jumballs do.
  ——Custard do.
  ——Chips or Peaches do.
  ——to preserve
  ——to make Marmalade
  ——to dry
  ——do like Prunella's
  ——to preserve Green
  ——do. another Way
Ale Orange to make
+ ——bad into strong Beer
  ——Posset, to make
Asparagus, or Green Pease to keep.
Angelico, to candy


Beef, Brisket to stew
  ——Rump, do.
Beef Olives, to make
  ——Rolls, do.
  ——Rump, to ragoo
  ——Collar'd to eat cold
  ——Dutch to make
  ——to pot
  ——Steaks to fry
  ——do. another Way
Berries to bottle
Brain Cakes to make
Black Caps, to make
Brandy Orange to make
+ ——Lemon do.
+ Lemon do. another Way
  ——black Cherry, do.
  ——Raspberry, do.
  ——Ratisie, do.
+ ——do. another Way
Brockly, to boil
Beast Kidneys, to roast
Beans Kidneys to keep
Buttons Mushrooms, to pickle
Barberries to keep instead of preserving
+ ——Cakes
+ ——Drops
  ——to pickle
  ——to preserve for Tarts
  ——to keep all the Year
Barley Sugar, to make
+ Black Paper to make for drawing Patterns


Cabbage, to pickle
Cake Caraway to make
+ ——Rich white Plumb Cake
+ Cake
+ Cake, Ising for
  ——great, do.
  ——Ising for it
  ——Bisket, to make
  ——Raspberry Cakes
Cake Portugal, do.
  ——Orange, do.
  ——Shrewsbury, do.
+ ——Bath
  ——Gingerbread, do.
  ——Seed, do.
  ——Queen, do.
  ——King, do.
  ——Angelico, do.
+ ——Oatmeal, do.
  ——Breakfast, do.
  ——fine, do.
  ——to keep all the Year
  ——Plumb, do.
  ——Little Plumb, do.
  ——Plumb another Way
  ——do. ordinary
Calf's Head collar'd to eat hot
  ——do. to eat cold
  ——do. white
  ——Pye of, to make
  ——do. another Way
  ——to ragoo
  ——to roast, to eat like Pig
  ——Feet to fricassy white
  ——to fry in Butter
  ——do. in Eggs
  ——to make minc'd Pies of
  ——to make Pie of
  ——Jelly, to make
  ——Flummery, do.
+ Chars to pot
Catchup to make
+ ——Walnut do.
+ ——fine do.
Cheese Cakes do.
  ——Lemon, do.
  ——common do.
  ——without Currans do.
Cheese Slipcoat, to make
+ ——fine Rush
  ——Bullies, do.
  ——Cream, do.
Cherries, to preserve for drying
  ——to preserve
  ——to dry
Colliflower to pickle white
  ——another Way
Chickens to fricassy white
  ——do brown
  ——to boil
+ ——Pie hot
Collops Scotch, to make
  ——another Way
  ——another Way
Collops minc'd, to make
Cod's Head, to dress
  ——Zoons, do.
Cockles, to pickle
Cordial Water of Cowslips, to make
Cowslip Syrup, do.
Cracknels, do.
Cream Lemon, do.
  ——do. to make yellow
  ——do. another Way
  ——any preserv'd Fruit
+ Cream burnt
  ——to fry to eat hot
  ——Chocolate to make
  ——Gooseberry, do.
  ——Apple, do.
  ——Curds, do.
  ——Rice or Almond do.
Cucumbers, to pickle
  ——another Way
  ——to make Mange of
  ——to make pickle for
  ——to stew
  ——to fry for Mutton Sauce
  ——Soop to make
Curranberries, to pickle
  ——to preserve in Bunches
+ ——to preserve whole
  ——to make Jelly of
Custard Almond
  ——Scotch, to eat hot
Cyder, to make


Damsins to preserve
  ——do. for Tarts
  ——do. to keep
  ——do. bottle
Drops Ratisie, to make
  ——Lemon, do.
Ducks to boil
  ——to stew
  ——do. to stew whole
Dumplings Herb, to make
  ——plain Fruits


Eels to collar
  ——to stew
  ——to pitchcock
  ——Pie, to make
Eggs to fricassy white
  ——do. brown
  ——to stew in Gravy
  ——Pie, to make
Elder Buds, to pickle
  ——to make pickle for


Fowl, to force
+ ——Feet
Fritters Fruit to make
  ——Apple, do.
  ——Oatmeal, do.
Fruit to preserve green
  ——do. all the Year
French bread to make
+ another Way


Girkins, to pickle Gilliflowers, do. + Ginger to candy Gingerbread white + ——York + ——in little Tins ——red ——another Way Gooseberry Cake ——to bottle ——to preserve ——do. red + Granade + Grapes to preserve all Winter + ——another Way Gruel Sagoo ——Plumb ——Rice Goofer Wafers to make


Hams or Tongues to salt
Hare, to stew
  ——to pot
  ——to jugg
  ——to roast with a Pudding in the Belly
Hedge Hogs Cupid, to make
Herrings to boil
  ——to fry
  ——to pickle
  ——to keep all the Year
Hotch potch, to make


Jam Cherry to make
  ——Bullies, do.
  ——Damsins, do.
+ Jelly brown
+ Jelly Curran
Jambals, do.
  ——another Way


Lamb Leg of, boiled with Loyn fry'd + Larks in Jelly Lamb with Chickens boil'd ——fricassy white ——fricassy brown Lobster or Crab to roast + ——A L'Italienne ——to butter Leatch, to make Loaves Oyster, do.


Macaroons, to make
Mango of Codlins
+ Mellon, do.
Mead strong, do.
  ——another Way
+ ——another Way
Milk mull'd, a Dish of
Mulberries, to preserve whole
Muscles, to pickle,
Mushrooms, to pot
  ——to stew
  ——to pickle
  ——another Way
  ——another Way
  ——to fry
  ——powder to make
Mutton stew'd Fillet of
  ——Shoulder forced
  ——Breast to collar
  ——do. another Way
  ——do. to carbonade
Mutton Chine roasted, with Sallery
  ——Chops, to make
  ——Leg forc'd
  ——French Cutlets to make
  ——Steads to fry
  ——artificial Venison, to make
  ——Leg of, to salt to eat like Ham


Neat's Tongue Pie, to make
Nasturtian Buds to pickle


Onions to pickle
Orange Chips to preserve to put into Glasses
  ——or Lemons to preserve
  ——Chips another Way
  ——Marmalade to make
  ——to preserve Oranges whole
+ ——to candy whole
  ——Tarts, to make
Oysters Scotch to make
  ——to stew
+ ——to lard
  ——to fry
  ——to scallop
  ——to pickle
+ Ox Lips to dress


Pallets stew'd
Pancakes, clare
+ Partridges, to pot
+ Do. another Way
Parsnips to fry to look like Trout
+ Poverade, to make
Parsnips, another Way
Paste to make for a standing Pie
  ——for Tarts
  ——do. another Way
  ——do. do.
  ——for Venison Pasty
  ——of Pippens, white
  ——of do. green
  ——of do. red
Patties savoury to make
Pears to dry
Pears or Pippens to dry without Sugar
Pigeons to make a Pulpatoon
  ——to stew
  ——to pot
  ——boil'd with fricassy sauce
  ——to jugg
  ——to pickle
  ——to broil whole
Pig Royal to make
  ——to collar
  ——Ears to fricassy
  ——like Lamb in Winter
  ——Head roll'd, to eat like Brown
Pike to eat like Sturgeon
  ——to stew
  ——to roast with a Pudding in the Belly
Plumbs to preserve
Plumb Porridge to make
Pork to pickle
Posset Sack to make
  ——another Way
  ——to make Froth for
Potatoe Crabs to pickle
Pudding black to make
  ——do. another Way
  ——do. another Way
  ——do. another Way
Do. another Way
+ ——Lemon another Way
  ——Oatmeal do.
+ Almond Pudding
+ Do. another Way
  ——Apple do.
  ——Ground Rice do.
  ——Gooseberry do.
  ——Collage do.
+ ——do. another Way
+ ——Carrot another Way
  ——Quaking to make
  ——do. another Way
  ——do. do.
  ——Pearl Barley
  ——Calf's Foot
+ ——do another Way
  ——for Hare
+ ——White Pot another Way
  ——white in Skins
Punch Milk, to make
  ——another Way
  ——Acid for to make
Purslain to pickle
Pie rich to make
Pie Eel
Pie Turbot-Head
  ——sweet Chicken
  ——savoury do.
  ——sweet Veal
  ——Candle for
  ——another Way
  ——another Way
Pickle for Salmon


Quidenny to make
  ——Quinces to preserve
  ——do. another Way
  ——Cream to make
  ——to make white
  ——Marmalade to make


Rabbets to fricassy brown
  ——do. white
  ——dressed, to look like Moor game
Raspberry and Strawberry Fool, to make


Salmon, to collar
+ Salmon en Maigre
  ——to pot
Sprouts Savry to boil
  ——Cabbage, do.
Sauce for a Rump of Beef
Sauce for Neck of Veal
  ——for Turkey
  ——for boil'd Rabbits
  ——for Pike
Sauce for boil'd Salmon or Turbot
  ——for Haddock or Cod
  ——for Salmon or Turbot
  ——for tame Ducks
  ——for green Goose
  ——another Way
  ——for Chickens
  ——for Turkey, another Way
  ——for Tongues
  ——for Cod's Head
  ——for a Cod's Head another Way
  ——for Flesh or Fish
Soop Vermicelly
  ——green Pease
  ——do. Pease in Winter
  ——do. in Lent
  ——Craw Fish
+ ——white or Almond
  ——do without Water
Sausages Pollony to make
+ Sheep Rumps with Rice
+ ——Tongues broil'd
Shrimps to pickle
Shrub Orange
Solomon Gundie to eat in Lent
  ——another Way
Smelts to pot
  ——to pickle
Spinage stew'd with Eggs
Spinage Toasts to make
Sturgeon artificial to make
  ——how to order
Sturgeon how to make Pickle for
Sugar to know when Candy Height
Syllabubs whip'd to make
Syrup of Gilliflowers to make
  ——of Mulberries
  ——of Violets
+ ——of Poppies
Stock to make for Hartshorn Jelly
Sack Posset to make
Shell Paste do.
Stuffing for Beast Kidney


Tansey to make
  ——another Way
Tarts marrow to make
Toasts fry'd to make
Tongues to roast
  ——to pot
  ——Sheep or Hog, to broil
Tripes to fricassy
  ——to eat like Chickens
Trout, or other Fish to fry
Trench or Carp to stew
+ Mock turtle
Turkey to boil
  ——to roast
  ——to pot
  ——A-la Daube


Veal Breast of, to brown Ragoo
  ——do. berries
  ——to roll
  ——to stew
  ——to stew Fillet
  ——Breast of, to roll
  ——to make savoury
  ——to roast savoury
+ ——Couley
  ——Knuckles, to boil
  ——Sweetbreads to fricassy
  ——Cutlets to make
  ——another Way
Venison to pot
  ——Haunch of, to roast
Vinegar, to make of Gooseberries
  ——another Way
+ ——do.


Walnuts, to pickle green
  ——do. black
  ——to make Pickle for
  ——do. white
Whigs to make
Wild Fowl to pot
Wine Elder to make
  ——do. Flower
  ——another Way