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3. BSON Books

BSON books are the ebooks in the BSON format, which is specifically designed for fast decoding. "BSON" stands for binary JSON. The JSON format has been widely used for transmitting data due to its rapid decoding. However, JSON may contain only characters, not binary data as in original image files. Although the binary data can be converted into characters, it will increase the file size by 33%.

As the name implies, BSON is designed to deal with binary data. You can include binary data from images, audios, videos, and zipped text documents into the BSON file. This makes BSON an ideal ebook format.

BSON Books are Hard to Pirate

The zip-based format (such as EPUB) can easily be pirated. Anyone can unzip the .epub file and see all underlying html and image files - in their original forms if not encrypted. Our BSON books are not encrypted in any way, but they are directly imported into a database on your computers or mobile devices. No single BSON file is distributed to users. In fact, even if a person can somehow obtain a BSON file, it cannot be read unless distributed from our website.


In short, the BSON books have the following unique features:

  1. Fast to decode.
  2. Hard to pirate.
  3. Audio and video contents can be included in the .bson file, as easy as images.
  4. Rendering MathML, Latex and AsciiMath codes into mathematical equations (Chapter 4).
  5. Interactive contents (Chapter 5)
  6. Animated images (Chapter 6)
  7. Enlarge images in small screens (Chapter 7).