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The Golden Bough


J. G. Frazer

Title Page


Chapter 1. The King Of The Wood

Chapter 2. Priestly Kings

Chapter 3. Sympathetic Magic

Chapter 4. Magic and Religion

Chapter 5. The Magical Control of the Weather

Chapter 6. Magicians as Kings

Chapter 7. Incarnate Human Gods

Chapter 8. Departmental Kings of Nature

Chapter 9. The Worship of Trees

Chapter 10. Relics of Tree Worship in Modern Europe

Chapter 11. The Influence of the Sexes on Vegetation

Chapter 12. The Sacred Marriage

Chapter 13. The Kings of Rome and Alba.

Chapter 14. The Succession to the Kingdom in Ancient Latium

Chapter 15. The Worship of the Oak

Chapter 16. Dianus and Diana

Chapter 17. The Burden of Royalty

Chapter 18. The Perils of the Soul

Chapter 19. Tabooed Acts

Chapter 20. Tabooed Persons

Chapter 21. Tabooed Things

Chapter 22. Tabooed Words

Chapter 23. Our Debt to the Savage

Chapter 24. The Killing of the Divine King

Chapter 25. Temporary Kings

Chapter 26. Sacrifice of the King's Son

Chapter 27. Succession to the Soul

Chapter 28. The Killing of the Tree-Spirit

Chapter 29. The Myth of Adonis

Chapter 30. Adonis in Syria.

Chapter 31. Adonis in Cyprus

Chapter 32. The Ritual of Adonis

Chapter 33. The Gardens of Adonis

Chapter 34. The Myth and Ritual of Attis

Chapter 35. Attis as a God of Vegetation

Chapter 36. Human Representatives of Attis

Chapter 37. Oriental Religions in the West

Chapter 38. The Myth of Osiris

Chapter 39. The Ritual of Osiris

Chapter 40. The Nature of Osiris

Chapter 41. Isis

Chapter 42. Osiris and the Sun

Chapter 43. Dionysus

Chapter 44. Demeter and Persephone

Chapter 45. The Corn-Mother and the Corn-Maiden in Northern Europe

Chapter 46. The Corn-Mother in Many Lands

Chapter 47. Lityerses

Chapter 48. The Corn-Spirit as an Animal

Chapter 49. Ancient Deities of Vegetation as Animals

Chapter 50. Eating the God

Chapter 51. Homeopathic Magic of a Flesh Diet

Chapter 52. Killing the Divine Animal

Chapter 53. The Propitiation of Wild Animals By Hunters

Chapter 54. Types of Animal Sacrament

Chapter 55. The Transference of Evil

Chapter 56. The Public Expulsion of Evils

Chapter 57. Public Scapegoats

Chapter 58. Human Scapegoats in Classical Antiquity

Chapter 59. Killing the God in Mexico

Chapter 60. Between Heaven and Earth

Chapter 61. The Myth of Balder

Chapter 62. The Fire-Festivals of Europe

Chapter 63. The Interpretation of the Fire-Festivals

Chapter 64. The Burning of Human Beings in the Fires

Chapter 65. Balder and the Mistletoe

Chapter 66. The External Soul in Folk-Tales

Chapter 67. The External Soul in Folk-Custom

Chapter 68. The Golden Bough

Chapter 69. Farewell to Nemi