Image Through Russian Snows: A Story of Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow
G. A. Henty
Image The Father of British Canada: a Chronicle of Carleton
William C. H. Wood
Image The Iron Game: A Tale of the War
Henry F. Keenan
Image Peaceless Europe
Francesco Saverio Nitti
Image Mobilizing Woman-Power
Harriot Stanton Blatch
Image The Healing of Nations and the Hidden Sources of Their Strife
Edward Carpenter
Image How Jerusalem Was Won
William Thomas Massey
Image With British Guns in Italy
Hugh Dalton Dalton
Image Dio's Rome, Volume 3
Cassius Dio
Image England and the War
Walter Alexander Raleigh
Image America's War for Humanity
Thomas Herbert Russell
Image The War as Germans see it
Thomas F. A. Smith
Image The Land of Little Rain
Mary Hunter Austin
Image With the Turks in Palestine
Alexander Aaronsohn
Image Free from School
Rahul Alvares
Image Sketches of the East Africa Campaign
Robert Valentine Dolbey
Image Sustained honor: The Age of Liberty Established
John Roy Musick
Image The History of a Crime: The Testimony of an Eye-Witness
Victor Hugo
Image The Real America in Romance, Volume 6
John Roy Musick
Image The Crisis of the Naval War
John Jellicoe


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