Online APP

This website is designed for both large and small screens. You can read books online with various browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Android, Firefox, etc.) on laptops, tablets and smartphones. The online APP lets you create bookmarks and store the most recently read 10 titles in your bookshelf. It also provides several unique functions.

Web Books Navigation

In addition to the traditional scrolling and swipe, our APP uses screen edges for navigation through an ePage (a chapter or a section). Clicking at any position in the right or left edge will jump to the corresponding part of an ePage. Clicking at any position in the right or left half of the bottom edge will go to the next or previous screen page, respectively. Our APP applies to both mouse and touch devices. When we say "click", it means "click" by using a mouse or "tap" by using a finger. Further details are described on this page.


Figure 1: Illustration for the screen edges using laptops as an example.



Figure 2: The lower set of buttons appear at the top of the "table of contents" (TOC) page. The upper set of buttons appear on other ePages (chapters or sections of a book). The "Mode" refers to either paging or scrolling. The button S is used for temporary switch between the two modes. For permanent change, go to setting, S.

Create Bookmarks

Double click (using mouse) or double tap (using finger) at the paragraph you wish to bookmark. If successful, a red symbol will appear at the beginning of the paragraph. The title with a bookmark is then stored in the bookshelf. Clicking on a title in the bookshelf will go to the bookmarked position.


Our online APP disables the intrinsic zoom function (e.g., by dragging with 2 fingers) to prevent text flowing outside the screen, which would require horizontal scrolling to read the whole line of text. This situation is unacceptable by most users. Our APP provides its own method to enlarge text and images.


To magnify the text, simply change the font size from setting, S.


Double click (or tap) on an image will open the image in a new tab (or window) where you may use the intrinsic method to zoom in or out.

Tables and Equations

As mentioned above, our online APP does not allow horizontal scrolling, but a large table or long mathematical equation may exceed the screen. Our ebooks are specifically designed to make tables and equations horizontally scrollable.