Online APP

This website is designed for both large and small screens. You can read books online with various browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Android, Firefox, etc.) on desktops, tablets and smartphones. The online APP lets you create bookmarks and store the most recently read 10 titles in your bookshelf. It also provides several unique functions.

"eBook Page" and "Screen Page"

The "eBook page", or "ePage" in short, refers to a document equivalent to an article on a website. It is typically a chapter or a section of a book. An ePage may be many times longer than a screen. This presents a difficulty for nevigation within an ePage, especially on smartphones. Traditionally, most eBook readers (viewers) divide an eBook page into "screen pages" with height about the same as the screen. A scroll bar is also added to the bottom for quick access to a particular screen page. Such design usually prevents vertical scrolling that many people prefer.

Apple Books APP has implemented vertical scrolling a few years ago, followed by Amazon Kindle APP in 2019. A scroll bar is added to the right edge, where you can move a small circle to jump to different parts of an eBook (more info). However, either a horizonal or vertical scroll bar takes up the precious space on a small screen. Our online APP uses the following "Web Books Scrolling" to quickly nevigate through an ePage without any scroll bar.

Web Books Scrolling

  1. Swipe to left or right. This will scroll down or up by the height of a screen. In effect, it turns a "screen page."
  2. Tap either right or left edge. This will scroll directly to the part corresponding to the tapped position in the vertical edge of the screen.

The second function is equivalent to moving a vertical scroll bar using a mouse, or to the method employed by Apple Books APP. It is even more convenient. No need to drag the scroll bar. Just tap a position in the vertical edge, you will reach the corresponding part of an ePage (a chapter or section). For instance, tap the upper corner will show the top portion of an ePage. Tap the mid-position of the vertical edge will display the middle portion of an ePage. Tap the bottom corner will reach the last portion immediately. The Web Books Scrolling works on ALL touch devices.


The button Image is for going to the previous ePage. Clicking on Image will go to the next ePage. The button Shelf is to access the bookshelf.

Create Bookmarks

Double click (using mouse) or double tap (using finger) at the paragraph you wish to bookmark. If successful, a red symbol will appear at the beginning of the paragraph. The title with a bookmark is then stored in the bookshelf. Clicking on a title in the bookshelf will go to the bookmarked position.


Our online APP disables the intrinsic zoom function (e.g., by dragging with 2 fingers) to prevent text flowing outside the screen, which would require horizontal scrolling to read the whole line of text. This situation is unacceptable by most users. Our APP provides its own method to enlarge text and images.


To magnify the text, simply change the font size. Click on the "Font" link at the top right of the bookshelf page, or from the A button of the table of content (TOC) page.


Double clicks (or taps) on an image will open the image in a new tab (or window) where you may use the intrinsic method to zoom in or out.

Tables and Equations

As mentioned above, our online APP does not allow horizontal scrolling, but a large table or long mathematical equation may exceed the screen. Our ebooks are specifically designed to make tables and equations horizontally scrollable.