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Welcome to The Power of Selling

±  Chapter 1. The Power to Get What You Want in Life

±  Chapter 2. The Power to Choose Your Path: Careers in Sales

±  Chapter 3. The Power of Building Relationships: Putting Adaptive Selling to Work

±  Chapter 4. Business Ethics: The Power of Doing the Right Thing

±  Chapter 5. The Power of Effective Communication

±  Chapter 6. Why and How People Buy: The Power of Understanding the Customer

±  Chapter 7. Prospecting and Qualifying: The Power to Identify Your Customers

±  Chapter 8. The Preapproach: The Power of Preparation

±  Chapter 9. The Approach: The Power of Connecting

±  Chapter 10. The Presentation: The Power of Solving Problems

±  Chapter 11. Handling Objections: The Power of Learning from Opportunities

±  Chapter 12. Closing the Sale: The Power of Negotiating to Win

±  Chapter 13. Follow-Up: The Power of Providing Service That Sells

±  Chapter 14. The Power of Learning the Ropes

±  Chapter 15. Entrepreneurial Selling: The Power of Running Your Own Business

Epilogue: You’ve Got the Power